Big stretch, not much sleep, got a couple palm trees on each side of my cheek

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Big stretch, not much sleep, got a couple palm trees on each side of my cheek

My semester has been petering out rather than building up to a big bang like my first three did. I feel it's a lot like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which typically built up season-long story arcs for resolution in the final episode, and did so for the first three years, but in season four the resolution came in the 2nd last episode, leaving the final one to be a one-of (but awesome) story.

As a result, I have time to perform a Cheering Charm on myself 2 or 3 times a day. This is hardly my academic average, which probably hangs slightly below once per day, and it matches my expectations for the summer. While you Muggles have undoubtedly never had the experience, you'll remember that it's a simple 3rd year sort of charm. And it's nice. I like it every time.

But the first time. Oh, the first time. The first time each day comes with not just the slightly fuzzy, wavy sensation in the body, and the pleasant mild retardation of the brain, but with another peculiar sensation that is purely magical. If I had to assign it a location I'd say it's in my breastbone and my cheeks, or my dimples to be precise. This first time fills me with such liberating enthusiasm that I would likely oblige any kind face with a sincere interest in doing something. "Hey Luke, want to write a story/poem/book/holy text/script?" "Yes!" "Hey Luke, want to play basketball/tennis/freeze tag/frisbee/petty larceny?" "Yes!" "Hey Luke, want to draw something, or get ice cream, or walk until we find a pond, or play a video game, or dance, or do more cheering charms, or watch a movie, or masturbate, or write blog posts, or play musical instruments, or all of the above?" "YES!!!!!!"

It's pretty awesome, and why it's a bad idea to perform cheering charms around evil persons. They have their time and place, neither of which is all. Example: Harry never used a cheering charm on himself in Umbridge's class, because it would pacify him into obedience, and some evils must be fought, even by endurance. This sort of thing takes up a lot of time in real Charms classes, but the HP books gloss over Hogwarts' commitment to ethics and proper citation formatting.

This sensation of infinite opportunity comes only with the first cheering charm of the day, at least for me. So it's always my favorite.

I hope I've helped you learn to laugh about love, again.


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Big stretch, not much sleep, got a couple palm trees on each side of my cheek :: Comments


Post on Mon May 02, 2011 5:56 pm by strangerthanfiction

I'm not very good with Cheering Charms. I always hoped I would be a witch beyond my peers' years in terms of knowledge but sadly that has never worked Sad

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