Social Report card: Walk to the corner score

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Social Report card: Walk to the corner score

The Good: I used the phrase "Have a nice day" to the guy who sold me my box of tissues and mechanical pencils. It felt strange coming out of my mouth, and I realized it's because I almost never say it. There's this whole class of pleasantries we exchange that mean about the same thing (i.e. basically nothing) so we really only need a few. I'm always on the "Thanks, you too" side of that particular exchange, so it felt like a minor social accomplishment to have finally initiated it.

So, my reward for a good moment: a celebration picture:

The Bad: I saw a girl that I'm friends with on the walk, although she saw me first, and so she called out to me and before you know it I'm in yet another social interaction. Anyways, her younger sister was with her, presumably visiting because she's several years younger. While there was nothing really too terrible in this conversation, I did fail to ask either of them how they were doing, what they were going to do today, or what they had done so far this weekend. I think taking an interest in people is usually encouraged, but I dropped the ball on this one.

So, my punishment for a less-than-spectacular moment: a bad picture

The Ugly:


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