2011: What?

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2011: What?

Only two things have changed in my life since the new year started:

1) I am now more Facebook-popular, with my 2011 statuses getting 10, 5, 12, 14, and 9 likes. I've only had about three 10-like statuses within the past year, and now I've had three in the course of four days. What the hell?
2) Two of my husbands from my official Husband List (read: dream celebrity people I'd love to be best friends with--it extends to women as well) have just announced they are engaged: David Tennant to Georgia Moffett (which is sort of creepy because she was in Doctor Who for one episode and he played her DAD) and... slightly more heartbreakingly... Jason Mraz to Tristan Prettyman. (Although I approve wholeheartedly of their relationship. They're my one real-life paring that I might actually ship, if I shipped real-life parings.) Not that I ever had a chance with either guy, but... it's sort of disappointing at the same time. Oh, and Jason Schwartzman finally had his baby girl, so now he's a real married father and stuff. Yet another eligible husband to scratch from the Husband List. Le sigh.

Thus is my 2011 so far. Kind of cool and kind of disappointing at the same time. Oh well?
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Post on Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:41 am by AgentW

now isn't the tenant person his daughter(in show) and IRL (kinda, as he reincarnates) his daughter?!! ZOMG!!

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