Semester in Review

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Semester in Review

Academically, I did well! Or, at least, as well as I did in previous semesters. I got an A in Calc 3, a B+ in Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, an A in macroeconomics, and two As in my two policy lecture classes. That all adds up to a 3.83 GPA for the fall, which is almost the same as my freshman year GPA, except that it's exactly the same as my freshman year GPA.

I did like most of my classes but none really floored me the way a couple did last year. I didn't take any courses that didn't have a direct application to my major/minor plans (Public Policy major with minors in Mathematics - now complete! - and Poly Sci perhaps). So things were not super exciting by the standard measures, but I was pretty pumped to apply Hirschman's spatial duopoly model to the TSA's screening processes and do an in-depth analysis of No Child Left Behind's successes (few) and failures (many). It worked for me.

Non-academically, of course my living situation is much improved from last year, so I was, and remain, happy about that. My social life was about at its historical average (adjusted for inflation), making it depressing to most but comfortable for me, who enjoys peace and tranquility over the whining and douche-bagging of my fellow peers. I saw more movies at the on campus theatre, were movies are only $2.50, which is always a good time. I watched many Harry Potter movies on many ABC Family Harry Potter weekends. And of course, my fantasy football team lost more than it won, following up a championship season with a dud. As you can see, it was a thrilling semester.

Highlights: Going to Philadelphia for the Students for Liberty conference, getting officially hired by The Breeze, a 6-8 win-loss record in Monopoly on my iPod Touch during Linear Algebra.


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