"Secret bad feelings" - Anastasia Krupnik, by Lois Lowry

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"Secret bad feelings" - Anastasia Krupnik, by Lois Lowry

Is it bad if I sort of want my roommate to fail her organic chemistry final?

The other night she asked me if, now that Brynn's roommate has gone back to Japan, Brynn will be spending more time in our room. I told her I didn't know because I don't know who her new roommate will be (nor does Brynn), and if we do hang out, it's generally in Brynn's room because it's cleaner. (Although I didn't actually state that last bit--I just told her I didn't know.) My question: why does she care about who I hang out with?

Tomorrow she will be gone (as will I) and I will have an Amanda-free month. (Or damn near close to it.)
I cannot wait.

God, I'm a horrible friend.
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"Secret bad feelings" - Anastasia Krupnik, by Lois Lowry :: Comments


Post on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:57 pm by J-Mads

That's a very tame story, but I will admit the fact that you got upset over the question seems odd to me. But I remember when I had a bad roommate situation last year, every little thing annoyed me more because it was a constant. So I understand, even if I would probably defend her innocent question in this case.

Me and my roommate get along pretty well together, but living in the same room as someone else for months on end can make any two people a bit edgy. Lately I've been possessed with the urge to stab him for his proclamations that Michael Vick is a better quarterback than Tom Brady.

And that's really nothing worth committing assault/murder over.

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Post on Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:06 pm by strangerthanfiction

Well, it is kind of a weird question to get upset over, but I think I got upset about it because Amanda told me that she HATES Brynn and thinks I'm kind of weird for hanging out with her because "she acts younger than we do," "she's not as smart as us," "she interrupts people when they're talking," and most importantly, "I can't stand her. Nobody can." And I feel like she was asking the question as a way to gauge whether or not she will be spending more time in the room; for some reason, I got the impression that if I said yes, she would have been like, 'is it okay if she doesn't?'

Of course, the day she told me she hates Brynn, I got kind of mad because everything she said in a negative sense about Brynn was stuff I have heard regarding Amanda herself, and she couldn't see it herself. So... yeah.

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