Crushing the Thanksgiving spirit.

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Crushing the Thanksgiving spirit.

From Awkward Anti-Theist Guy's Facebook:
"Thanksgiving dinner was great, love my Mom for cooking it. My Mom wanted me to pretend and bow my head when my grandpa said grace over the food. NOPE! Kept my head up and started eating. You might think it's rude, but expecting me to do something I don't believe in is the real rude part."

While I can understand that this guy does not believe in God, I find this exceptionally rude. Thanksgiving should not be about petty disputes over God and/or who believes what, but about family. A grace needn't be interpreted as bowing down to any sort of God, just like a moment of silence isn't specifically for prayer. I think this guy could put his head down for one moment and think about what he's thankful for without thinking about what his grandfather is saying. In my opinion, it is a symbolic gesture of thanks. Everybody has a right to individual beliefs, and I wish this guy could see what really matters in his life.

Thoughts on the matter? Do you think this was rude or not rude? I'm quite curious. I'm quite tempted to call this guy out on Facebook but I don't think it would end well at all.

Also -- this guy says stuff like this ALL THE TIME and yet hangs out in the Interfaith Centre on campus. What the fuck, man?
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Crushing the Thanksgiving spirit. :: Comments


Post on Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:24 pm by J-Mads

You sound like Bill O'Reilly, and I totally agree.

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Post on Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:50 pm by strangerthanfiction

I know I sound like Bill O'Reilly (which is upsetting within itself) but the fact remains that it's a gesture of respect. I am not religious myself but I've been in situations where people say grace and I'm like, sure okay fine, it's what they do! Besides, Thanksgiving is a time to... give thanks. And I feel like if there is ever a time to give thanks, whether through a god of some variety or not, then it should be today (here, at least -- in Canada they do it differently).

At the very least he could have waited for the grace to be over before he started eating. I guess that's what I find the most offensive. I mean, really? Eating before everybody else does? What is that, trying to be a trendsetter?

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