You vill vork harder!

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You vill vork harder!

Thought I'd take a moment to let you all know how college is going. First of all, you should all know that I had all my classes today because JMU doesn't let a little federal holiday get in the way of our pursuit of higher learning. You lazy people who had a day off after only 1 week of classes, well, I question your motivation.


Math237 (Calculus 3) seems a lot like Calculus 3 would seem. We've just done polar co-ordinates and integrals with them so far so nothing very extravagant, but our Professor, Filius Flitwick, seems like a nice and very competent teacher, even if he isn't one of the more dramatic elements of my day. He seems like he'll get us all through the final just fine.

Math238 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations), on the other hand, seems like it's going to be a challenge because I don't exactly understand my teacher's speaking. Still, the book (co-authored by my 237 prof) is pretty clear so I've just been livin' it up in the library learning the subject by book so far. We'll see how it goes, everyone seems pretty lost so I hope it's naturally curved.

GECON200 is a big lecture hall with a pretty entertaining prof and a lot of freshmen who I suspect are rather dim. Still, macroeconomics has never been a natural talent of mine so I do expect to put in some outside work. Not worried about it too much overall, though.

PPA200 asks for about 40-60 pages of reading a week, which isn't so bad except that it's an Intro course in an ill-defined field (public policy - is it even a science? an art?) so the textbook is pretty vague. It has an 'everything applies to everything all the time' vibe which makes reading it a pain. Still, it's a small class with a young professor, and she seems to be extremely nice and helpful so far. Also she's from Vermont, and it's always nice to have a Northern professor. Hardest part of the class will probably be dissociating myself from the libertarian/Kantian principles I tend to apply to every situation, and focusing on just analyzing the effectiveness of policy outside of its legitimacy. Everyone participates in one 1-on-1 policy debate with another student, and there's a big policy analysis research paper as well as the usual lecture/test type of thing.

PPA265 is being taught by a brand new professor here and I really like her so far. Her humor is very sarcastic and kinda hard to pick up on a lot of the time, but it makes things a lot of fun. This class asks 80-100 pages of reading a week plus a lot of case briefs, which is looking like it'll be pretty straining, but I was worried that an Intro to Administration class would be lots of business nonsense, so I'm excited that it seems pretty worthwhile. We had a lecture on the constitutional legitimacy of the current administrative state which was hella fun (although I tend to disagree with the final verdict). I'm looking forward to going to this class a lot, although the work outside of it seems a bit daunting. First paper is due next Thursday, on Federalism.

Besides that I'm still doing Madison Liberty stuff, hopefully will write a handful of articles for the Breeze throughout the year, and the living situation this year is much improved over last year. And I'm rocking my Gadsden flag right over my bed, it's pretty gangsta.


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You vill vork harder! :: Comments


Post on Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:49 pm by AgentW

You spelled work wrong.

and tl;dr.

might come back later though.

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Post on Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:39 pm by strangerthanfiction

I had a day off after two weeks of classes.


Nevertheless, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself. I would complain more about my reading in comparison to yours (e.g. play a week for Shakespeare, ~20-30 pages of Middle English a week for Chaucer which is a lot harder than it sounds, etc) but that's not worth it. Live it up, man, live it uppppppppp!

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Post on Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:39 pm by The Prez

Concurrence with Alex, two weeks of classes. Just as Thanksgiving is two weeks before the end of classes

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Post on Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:29 am by J-Mads

You won the small toss, but you won't win the race, so it makes no difference!

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