Classes, Oh Classes

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Classes, Oh Classes

First of all: If your name is Luke Epp, Ryan Dohn, or Casey Gordon, click on this link, read the comments, and comment yourself. Thanks you!

So here are my general thoughts on my classes so far:

HIST 274: U.S. Foreign Relations since 1917
This class seems alright. We started talking about Old Diplomacy leading up to Woodrow Wilson's Moral Diplomacy today in class. I learned a couple new things I didn't know about Wilson's foreign policy so that was good. Professor Hoganson seems alright and her class is a refreshing way to start mornings. There are two TAs for the class, one of the TAs I had for British History since 1688, thank God I got the other one.

HIST 200G: History Through Recorded Sound (Coming to Illinois)
Most History 200s are designed to be a writing intensive introduction to historical interpretation by focusing on a specific topic. This one is almost completely audio focused. We do; however, have a theme, and that theme would Coming to Illinois. We will be looking at why people moved to Illinois in the first place, look at the general history of the state, and then focus heavily on the history and establishment of the University of Illinois. Professor Randolph reminds me so heavily of Mr. Harnick I swear I'm taking AP US History again (he has a pocket watch, a mullet, and he can do that scary name memorization thing on the first day like Harnick could, plus more, it is just scary).

LAT 102: Introduction to Latin II
I was surprised by how well I did on the Latin Review Diagnostic, true, I basically bombed it, but I was the third highest score in the class, so... Anyways my TA, Amy, is a Minnesotan who went to Marquette. It is always nice to have a teacher who knows where Pewaukee is, especially when they are your instructor for your last class on Friday, so they understand when you might miss their class or leave early in order to get home at a reasonable hour for a weekend.

PS 240: Introduction to Comparative Politics
I'm taking this class for my minor (YAY being 1/3rd of the way complete!) and I find that the subject is vastly interesting, but the curriculum is so very unorganized. We basically are only going to read certain articles that we are given online, talk about them in discussion, learn terms in lecture, and then spit out the terms on a test. So I really don't quite know what is going on, but the lack of written paper makes me feel very nice about it. My only class with papers this semester is History 274, normally 200 would have weekly papers, but it is audio recordings instead. To keep my OCD happy, the Professor is Professor Cheribub.

ATMS 100: Introduction to Meteorology
This might actually turn out to be one of my favorite courses ever, but it might just be me reminiscing about how I wanted to be a weather man in 1st grade... Anyways, I am a bit concerned this course sounds too good to be true. 55% of the course final grade is made up of points that are essentially free because most of it is open notebook or simply participation and attendance. The other 45% are tests. Just so you freshman know, this is unusual and slightly unnerving as if they are trying to draw you into a false sense of security. Anyways, Professor Frame is a tornado chaser and that is pretty much pure awesomeness.
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Classes, Oh Classes :: Comments

Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:26 pm by dohnage18

I just picked up four books for my American Presidency class and it cost me $175! Two of them are used, so it pissed me off. Their titles:

Presidential Power and the American Presidents
The Politics of the Presidency
The Presidency and the Political System
Going Public

I don't know if this is going to be fun or a complete bitch of a class.

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Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:36 pm by strangerthanfiction

WELCOME TO COLLEGE, DOHN! Start working at a bookshop. It helps. A lot.

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Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 4:27 pm by The Prez

Yeah, that is bad for a history/poly sci class, but I've seen worse. Side note: I just found out that the course: US Supreme Court hasn't been offered in years, hopefully I get the chance to take it later on.

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