Sitting on the Bed

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Sitting on the Bed

Sitting on the Bed, thinking.
Soon to be standing in the garage, thinking.
Afterwards, almost definitely standing in the shower, thinking.
Then maybe sitting on the couch, trying not to think.
Then eating.
Or maybe I'll have a bite before I get in the shower. I'll have to think about that while I stand in the garage.
That's good. Sometimes I have trouble thinking of things to think about all the time.
I'll probably be in the garage longer than it will take to make that decision, but I'll constantly re-evaluate to make sure my intel is up to date. That'll pass the time alright, I guess.
iTunes shuffle can cause some major problems when thinking.
I need a job.
I won't get one.
I do like when I get to teach lessons, which is work. That feels nice. I'll do more of those.
I'm scared of going to my garage too early, because one time I went to the bathroom too early and I almost didn't leave. I spent hours sitting on the floor in there, then finally moved to the couch, which wasn't much better.
I don't think it's too early anymore, and I don't think I'll have chills for the rest of the day. It's July, they tell me.
I probably won't break down at Brennan's Bowery Pub, either. I've only done that .5 times, and I've been there dozens of times. I learned in statistics that that makes it unlikely.
Please do say 'hey' to me if you come across any version of myself. Most of us are good conversationalists.


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Sitting on the Bed :: Comments


Post on Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:13 pm by strangerthanfiction

I can't actually think of anything to say to this that will come across as reassuring or nice or anything. I'm going to have to think about it, though.

You will get a job, because you're coolamazingreat. Also, you should put down on your resume that you got an A in calculus and that you're a full time BAMF under the name J Madz Thug Lyfe.

Just don't use that to advertise your lessons, parents might think you're a bad influence on their kiddies and you'll make them cry. Because that's not how you roll.

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