And Drew Hanna's Prediction for the Supreme Court nomination is...

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And Drew Hanna's Prediction for the Supreme Court nomination is...



1. Stevens was from Chicago, Wood is from Chicago. The other two choices are not from the Midwest and America pretty much does not want an East Coast court (Anthony Kennedy is West Coast)
2. Wood is a Protestant. I know that most people don't care in the end and that it doesn't really matter, but in politics it does. Stevens is the only Protestant on the court right now and well Elena Kagan and Merrick Garland are both Jewish and several other mentioned names like Jennifer Granholm and Janet Napolitano are Catholic (that would make a Court of 7 Catholics)
3. Stevens is also the only non-Ivy League Justice. Whatcha know? Wood went to Texas.
4. Sure Wood is the most liberal nominee on most shortlists, but the Republican talk of filibuster is bullshit. Not only would it be a waste of time, but it would hurt them politically to oppose. PLUS What do you expect? OBAMA IS LIBERAL, STEVENS WAS LIBERAL, THE NOMINEE IS GOING TO BE LIBERAL.

In the end I could care less who the nominee is and will await the hearings to make a decision if I would support or vote down. The Supreme Court Justices are my favorite people in the American Government (I mean, come on, I collect figurines of them) and I do want a Justice who I will like to see sitting on my desk in plastic figurine form. So yeah, personally I want to see Elena Kagan or Merrick Garland (GARLAND FOR THE WIN!), but Wood is an impressive jurist none the less.

One final, final note: Why are all my favorite justices retiring? I knew Stevens was going to go soon, but with both him AND SOUTER within two years of one another. SAD FACE!
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And Drew Hanna's Prediction for the Supreme Court nomination is... :: Comments


Post on Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:06 pm by AgentW

From what I've heard the republicans might try to filibuster, as Obama voted to filibuster Alito(?), so they feel morally justified.

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