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Breezing Through

So I've now become a 'contributing writer' for The Breeze, having had my 3rd OpEd published this morning. I also now have my own page on the Breeze website, which keeps all of my articles in one place.

So now I can stop bothering you guys every time I get an article published (but I might not stop), and instead just give you the link this one time.

I'd like to write one more this semester, and if they take me as full time next year I'd be doing two a month. Of course, in a month (less, actually) I'll be headed home to Buffalo, so I don't know if I'll have the chance to do another.

If you like, don't like, or hate the article (Keeping Free Speech Free), feel free to comment here or on the Breeze's page. I love me some feedback.


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Post on Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:19 pm by AgentW

I almost actually went to that counter protest thing. I agree with what you said there, freedom of speech is a double edged sword. So if you don't like something, use your speech right back at them.

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Post on Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:47 pm by strangerthanfiction

You are an excellent writer! I would love to write for the Louisville Cardinal but I sort of lack journalistic experience. I would love to try it, though.

I totally agree with your argument. There's a "free speech" square at UofL where people (mainly crazy conservative Jesus people who calls all the girls "cockroaches" and the boys "whoremongers") are allowed to say whatever they want. I might not agree with them, but I simply ignore them as I go by. I wish they would stop saying hateful things, but I can't change their minds. They have every right to publicly express them. Also, if it's what they believe, then it's what they believe. Amanda has a problem with what they say but then again Amanda feels uncomfortable going to book club because it's in the Interfaith Centre and she is an atheist T_T. It's not even like it's in the chapel or anything! It's in an area with sofas and stuff!

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