Peer Pressure

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Peer Pressure

Everybody's doing it!! So here I go again, with my plans for courses next semester and a midway assessment of my current classes.

Current Classes:
GPsych 101 - Yeah, not a super easy A like you'd expect, but a large lecture hall of 300 students. Luckily my professor is funny and it isn't that hard if you have the patience to memorize things.
GMUS 200 - History of Western Music, Renaissance to Present. Good times. About 100 students, our professor is really good at helping you see music through its context, rather than it all seeming just antiquated and formal. Great class, learning a lot that I should have known in Wind Ensemble, and with assignments like "Listen to Mozart's 40th Symphony, movements 1 and 3" it's hard to complain. Get access to JMU's music catalogue too.
GCOM - Individual communications... yeah, the practice speaking is worthwhile, my professor is like an old grandma so that's comforting, but it's pretty useless content wise.
Math 220 - Elementary Statistics... I'd tell you something about this class if I knew anything. It's insultingly easy so I spend my class time working on...
Math 245 - Discreet Proofing. Oh my god this is cool! Very introductory, but it's so purely organized and logically formatted, and any progress you make is thrilling. We started with like 6 logic words and 4 mathematical definitions, and we solve problems. As we solve problems, we build new theorems and open up new problems. Really frustrating and rewarding.
Math 497 - A guided lab with my Calc 2 prof, just 4 undergrads doing research on Partial Metrics. Basically, think of it like distance, but where things have distance from themselves. Allowing nonzero self-distance gives you a wider range of metrizable pairs. Hard to explain. I barely understand it.

Next Fall (I hope): So I want to double major in Public Policy n' Administration, and Math. So ideally, it'd be
GECON 200 - Macro Economics, a requirement for PPA majors.
PPA 200 - Intro the Public Policy
Math 237 - Calc 3. Calc 1 is a cool overture, Calc 2 is a darker and more rigorous second Act, and Calc 3 is supposedly the big conclusion to the giant opera that is Calculus. Everything comes together. Looking forward to it.
Math 238 - Linear Algebra. Vector spaces, etc. Not sure if I'll like it, but it's a requirement and the skills are important to get upper level math. I'd like to know this stuff now for 497, really.
Some random GenEd - Anything that will satisfy a requirement. Preferably something easy ish, although if I major in Math every semester I'll have two hard Maths to take. Could be a health course, a simply science, a writing/lit course, or a philosophy/history course. We'll see.

Double majoring would rush me because I have to spend a semester interning at some point in my college career for PPA.


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Post on Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:43 pm by AgentW

You know, Mr Townsend said to say no to peer pressure. Well he might have, I don't think I paid that much attention to it. And were you always a math major? or is this a recent idea?

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Post on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:10 pm by strangerthanfiction

Mr Townsend also claimed we should all watch High School Musical 3. Don't listen to a word he says.

Discreet Proofing actually sounds kind of sexy for a math course. Like, I'd be interested in that, if only my brain were more logical. I'm actually in a logic class at the moment and we're doing logic proofs and my professor is like, "How's everybody doing? Y'all getting this?" and they're quite simple. Hoping they get more complicated because if they don't I shall cry.

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