Opposite Emotions

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Opposite Emotions

Post by J-Mads on Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:43 pm

So I noticed we have a Philosophy section, so I'ma test it out some.

Now I tend to think of emotion as a circle that grows outward as the capacity for increased intensity grows. The inner parts being mild emotions, and as the circle expands outward you get to stronger things like love and hate. Love and hate are opposites and people always promote love as an alternative to hate.

But I sort of see it as a partner. The capacity to hate and the capacity to love are linked, and you can't possess one without the other. You may be able to shun that capacity but it's there. The circle grows as an even sphere, and your 'positive' side can't intensify without your negative potential growing too.

To love without hate seems to be incredibly unbalanced, and I consider balance to be the ultimate goal. Don't we encourage mediation of all things? But we shun hatred and embrace love in our own minds. And I think the vast majority of us fail to live that goal, giving us all a sort of guilt that we needn't be carrying around. It's only balance.

So what do you think - can you be able to love without being able to hate? Can you be able to hate without being able to lovE?


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