Arguing on the Internet; Part 1

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Arguing on the Internet; Part 1

I like to argue. But sadly, you just can't wikipedia necessary information or lie blatantly about your knowledge base in real life. The internet has solved this problem, and I do on occasion engage in a quick game of internet bickering. However, this case study was merely a quick jab at two other sparring partners, and not meant to ignite any further arguments. Sadly, the response I received was quite insulting, I must say.

Here's the context: Two people on a Nine inch Nails forum (liberals mostly, as I'm sure you could guess) were arguing about health care. They were both for massive reform, but one thought this bill was a failure and that we should quit. The other felt it was still a good idea. After some heated debate which resembled Chomsky arguing with Marx, they came to an agreement on one thing: that people who voted for Republicans were fucking retarded. This offended me of course, as I do like the right to vote and all that. I jumped in with a little quip that goes as follows...

"You two are having the most whiny liberal elitist discussion I've ever seen. Congratulations, you are truly detached from reality." Obviously this would provoke a response of some kind, but I was elated (and simultaneously saddened) by the harshness I received only minutes later.

First I was quoted, with my text struck through to read as "Luke said: I don't really understand any details when it comes to politics, but rather than confront my shortcoming, I'll just pretend they are not important and poke fun at anybody who can have a conversation about them." Then in his original text (because apparently I said that stuff) he said "Hey, we all approach politics on our own level. A single citizens lack of understanding can't have any real impact on our government, right?" and linked me to the wikipedia page on Election Day.

Faced with an elitist Utilitarian of such purity is truly surreal. I did not know such beasts roamed the wild, even though I had heard rumors of their existence. I think I have much to learn from this creature, and will respond shortly in order to provoke further interaction, and hopefully further insight, into this glorious specimen of spectacularly enlightened stupidity. If my findings prove interesting, I shall share more with you.


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