PART I: Jam Yesterday, Jam Tomorrow, but NEVER Jam Today

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PART I: Jam Yesterday, Jam Tomorrow, but NEVER Jam Today

So said the White Queen and yet the line of gibberish has so much meaning and to me serves as one of the most powerful lines in all of literature to define exactly what I am feeling. I feel utterly and totally depressed for no other reason than a part of me died today, although I suspect (know) that it was dying for a long time, I just ignored it. Picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. The randomness of life simply flows and I wonder, all but a little, if I am part of it. I used to think that perhaps I was the only actually living human being on the planet, and then I started talking to Wachob on Facebook and I realized that in reality that was impossible. This may seem like rambling, and it is, as it only has to do partially with the point I am making that Dorothy Gale was right, "there's no place like home." True enough if you have a home, surely we all do. "Home is where the heart is," right? Hail to the Blue, Hail to the Orange. HAIL ALMA MATER. Ever so true, so true... we love no other so let our motto be HAIL ILLINOIS VARSITY. That state, right? Let us review:

Born: February 7th, 1991 at 10:07 Central Time, Evanston, Illinois
Northbrook, Illinois 1991-1999
-Grove Elementary School 1995-1999
Lansing, New York 1999-2001
-Cayuga Heights Elementary School 1999-2001
Williamsville, New York 2001-2008
-Transit Middle School 2001-2005
-Williamsville East High School 2005-2008
Pewaukee, Wisconsin 2008-Present
-Pewaukee High School 2008-2009
Champaign, Illinois 2009-Present
-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2009-Present
States of Primary Affiliation:
Illinois 1991-2010
Wisconsin? 2010-Present

I used to love Illinois. Chicago, as I'm sure Mr. Lustig can attest to on his recent visit, is such a lovely city with many a great place to see, clean as well, and very likable. Quite, I mean it Chicago IS Illinois. YAY epic midwest city, nothing around it for hundreds of miles, but farms, right? No, I cannot go there, my mom went there, it must be different. No, everyone is going THERE! No, it is always cold and stone, and you have to cross a bridge to get to classes. But HOME, here is a state I treasured, I idealized, I wanted to go back to SO badly for most of my life. I went uncomfortable in Ithaca, I didn't really like Buffalo all that much, but ILLINOIS. ILLINOIS was grand. A major city, lovely people, respect, fun, memory. What memory? What happy memory? What jam yesterday was ever there, but what your parents thought of it, what you recall as living there. True, the midwest is, as ever, favorable to the Northeast, yet what? What? WHAT? Where, rather, is home.

I passed by in May 2008 a "familiar" place. So much change to it and around it, much. Dislike. The idealization ends. The bubble pops, yet the overall surroundings still have peace, for not the people did I see or hear.

Such a strange place this is. This Wisconsin, I wonder when I'll be offered cheese? Oh the city with nothing to look at, why are we going there and not the state we had been in, the state we like, the state that IS HOME.

"I'm going home" -February 28th, 2008

Mars Cheese Castle? Highways with letters? Coordinates for addresses? Bong Recreational Area? Okay, that one is still funny... WALLS!

"One side will make you grow smaller. And the other side will make you grow larger"

I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man, who made the grade. Maybe the second was better? Maybe the one to California? Or maybe the fourth of something quite irrelevant and yet the same within. The fifth within the fourth yet only within a month.

You put mustard and sauerkraut on a Wisconsin bratwurst, which by the way, is its main state

Wisconsin is known for beer more than cheese? Who knew?

There are people, there are things, there is normalcy?

Of course they were sad when Favre left, in fact, most supported the Jets last year, and a fair few with the Vikings. Even the media. Poor Aaron Rodgers.

But why, why must you like our drinking laws and the "Dells". What about Summerfest. Perhaps that is left out of the visitor guides we send to the land of FIBS. So sad, are not I one of them. Oh right, without a destiny.

Herb Kohl shares my birthday.

He's a real nowhere man, living in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody.

He owns the Bucks, did you know?

Sabres against Blackhawks. Justice, vindication? Where are the Admirals.

We're so sorry, Uncle Albert.

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