Everyone can go F*ck themselves

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Everyone can go F*ck themselves

It's a bit confusing to explain why this has filled me some weird sort of rage, but anyways, I'll try to explain it. My grades came in today, and a brief recap...

Physics240: A
Global Politics 200: B+
GISAT160 160: A
Physics L140: A
Math 236 (Calc 2): A

GPA: 3.85

I set myself a goal of 3.5, so this is quite exciting for me. But along with the pure joy of clearly my goal and knowing I didn't just fuck up for 3.5 months, I am also left angry or something at dumb people. But I'm okay with that, I know that dumb people are important to have in a society too, because sometimes Utahraptors need food or the gods get angry and demand a sacrifice. These are times when it is great to have a couple dummies around, so that they can experience mind-blowing fear and pain and have all of their rights violated so that us more worthy individuals can sip tea and laugh heartily to ourselves. Drew knows what I'm talking about, although he'll condemn me in the comments, he knows EXACTLY what I mean. That's why he moves around all the time. It's because he has a stupid person chained up in his basement to compete in illegal underground fighting leagues for his amusement. He's like Michael Vick but with people and a monocle*. And sometimes the fights get too "hot" (that's street lingo) and he has to skip town.

But never mind that, the point is, I'm pretty badass, and once I got a top hat and cane to wear every day everyone will know it upon first sighting me.

* Drew totally needs to get a monocle.


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Everyone can go F*ck themselves :: Comments


Post on Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:44 pm by strangerthanfiction

We already knew you were badass. Why do you need a top hat and cane to prove it? (Although I must admit, I wouldn't mind one of those sets myself, even if I am a girl...)

Congrats on your grades, anyway. Nice jobbbbb. To close this out, I'll just say what we say at Quiz Bowl that's suitable for all situations: BITCHES RUNNING WILD! Which you are. Running wild, I mean.

PS. Drew TOTALLY needs a monocle. Can Hans/John have a monocle? Pleaaaaase?

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Post on Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:24 pm by dohnage18

Nice job with the grades.

Drew with a monocle would be very fitting. Though Colonel Mustard > Drew.

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