A System That Cares About Only One Culture

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A System That Cares About Only One Culture

Warning: You really don't care what I have to say on this supposed issue. Feel free to skip it.

In the late 18th century (that's the 1700s to you commoners*) I, James Madison, famously argued that a large republic guided by a strong, but very limited central government could effectively protect minority rights while still being held accountable to the majority will. This balance, called Federalism, was a solution to the eternal problems of governance within any semi-democratic state, mainly, a way to manage factions. I described factions as a necessary evil; eliminating them was impossible or at least undesirable, but allowing them to run rampant would trample individual rights and result in a tyranny of the majority. I was very smart.

However, time and my recent experiences at James Madison University - and by the way, can you believe they make me pay tuition for that school? It has MY name on it! But they say "Luke, you're not James Madison, you're just a mildly above average student from Buffalo with a hilariously lame social life and a bad complexion. You just use J-Mads as an online name." I have a really good retort to this but usually at this point in the conversation I'm in tears, sobbing hopelessly on the floor. It's not easy for a 258 year old man to make new friends, and nearly two centuries of decay makes keeping clean and soft skin a nightmare** - has worried me about factions. Sure, political factions still exist and are as functional today as they were back in this country's foundational times. But cultural factions seem to be fading.

I was surprised at how little difference existed between people from Buffalo and people from Virginia. There was really no accent difference at all, the style of humor was the same, and all the pop culture references were identical. Besides not collapsing into a pile of inconceivable anguish at the mention of "wide right" and tolerating country music a little but more, Virginians were the same. Where have regional accents gone? Where has regional preference gone? Obviously there will always be some people that talk weird (Drew) but the vast majority of interactions throughout the places of the USA I have been to are an indication of a homogenized culture. Dissenters seem to be decreasing in number and alternative lifestyles are becoming harder to afford or promote. Weakening family and religious structures and an iron fisted promotional machine make everyone aware of even the most disgustingly retarded things (Transformers 2). I mean, even if you hated Transformers 2 (you did), you were aware of it. There was no escaping it. You formed an opinion about it (mainly that it would/does/did suck) and it took up a little space in your head.

A trend of cultural homogenization can easily lead into political homogenization and something worse than a tyrannical majority: a tyrannical singularity. You might have opinions one way or another on an issue, but I think we can agree that dissent is a pure good, even if we disagree with the way it occasionally manifests itself. What if everyone agreed about the death penalty? Even if you want it to be outlawed, if there was universal (or even near-universal) agreement on that, it could lead to terrible things (like Transformers 3). Of course, a law banning the death penalty would probably have some clause to ensure that some people still get the chair***, even if we have to go out to neutral waters to do it. But that's besides the point. The point is that a unified majority poses serious dangers to a Constitutional government, and the fading of regional tastes and cultures seems to be creating a larger majority than has ever before been seen. So far we have been lucky that we do not realize how alike we are, and that we are too stupid to organize. But the mass media has an ability to push people into action, and if any group figures out how to consistently motivate the majority rather than just aim a devoted minority of crazy inbreeds, we might find ourselves in very serious trouble.

And that, is why we gotta take the power back!

* Commoners = Retards
** Yes, I'm a zombie. And I have never and will never say 'brains' in a longing manner.
*** Drew


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A System That Cares About Only One Culture :: Comments

Post on Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:59 pm by infinitebistromathics

Obviously there will always be some people that talk weird (Drew)
Agreed Smile and I've never thought of dissent as a public good, but it works Smile

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