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The Shop

Post by McSnuggles on Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:58 am

This is where I will post what you can get in this shop and how much it will cost. This forum is only for spending cookies to have more fun on the forum so no one else can have a shop. Sad

I reserve the right to change prices whenever I feel like it.

Username Change - 200 cookies: Let's you change your username to whatever you want.

Colorful Name - 500 cookies: Let's you make your username whatever color you want.

Special People - 1000 cookies: Join the special people group. This gives you access to a private forum and allows you to feel special. In this forum I may even reveal announcements for the forum earlier than in the public one. cheers

Blog - 2000 cookies: Let's you have your own blog on Why Not?! This blog is forever so 2000 is almost nothing but who knows, maybe I'll have sale someday. Wink

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