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When Dinos Attack

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  • 20110501
    Unlike the through provoking, introspective, worldly musings and writs of the other denizens of this lonely address in the world wide web, I mostly just post stuff with little merit or thought. or it's amusing.

    white house correspondent dinner 2011. if you haven't seen it yet, watch it.

    EDIT: the full speech, for the comically inclined?

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  • 20110321
    When you got even the Danes bombing you, do you really have any support anywhere left?

    The Danes I tell you.

    This is a Dane. He hates Libya. Awwwww.

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  • 20110225
    A dissertation upon the relation between America and the current Somalian pirate activity, and historic precedence of the same.

    Once upon a time, there were pirates in the Atlantic Ocean. They took our ships, burned our women, and raped our churches. Until one day, they said to the new president, Jefferson, 'we want your lunch money (approx $250,000).' Jefferson said, 'I ain't yo bitch' and sent in the Marines to take their ships, perhaps with less burning of women and church raping though. Problem solved.

    10 years later, the pirates were back. But...

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  • 20101217

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  • 20100927
    So I just used the 'like' button on a status. I feel slightly e-dirty. The like button is just another for humanity to demonstrate its laziness and apathy, and it shows that facebook devs know that well enough to even put such a button there.

    If it the like link wasn't under the status, I wouldn't have been arsed to do anything about it. read. react a bit. move on. But thanks to the 'like' capacity, with the effort of one click, I can appreciate something with no other thoughts about it, except to 'click.' I have no witty comment, no repeating someone else's comment, or even just...

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  • 20100915
    Halo reach. over heralded? yes. fun? yes times 2.
    so sometimes I do buy into pop(kinda) culture. But until Lady gaga appears as a character in halo, I still will disregard all other pop culture.

    So have I bought into the establishment, and lost all sense of true freedom of choice and individuality?

    or am I still a hold out, but the devil has a lease on my soul?

    unrelated, dohn or luke, do you have xbox live?

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  • 20100908
    I don't know about you, but every so often, you read a book, article, stuff, and you see something that really resonates with you. You take it to heart, try to live by it, or use it as a lens to view other actions or... stuff.

    Well today, I just found one of these examples. But it was in a new and different format from my previous encounters with this phenomenon. I found this one on Youtube, but it still resonates with me regardless of its format. It's message is not diminished.

    So now, I will present this example to you, and I hope that you will view it in the same way...

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  • 20100825

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  • 20100809

    I hope you aren't a bad person.

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  • 20100807
    Turns out, I do. So only one of you probably knows what this will be vaguely about, and might care just a tad. or not, but I digress. So I finally saw the watchmen movie, and I must say, I was mostly pleased with the way it turned out. Casting was pretty good. They all looked about right, and mannerisms were mostly down as well. The comedian might have been able to be better, but maybe not.

    Only real disappointments that weren't too big anyways were....

    1) the mars scenes. The first part with his flashbacks was mostly decent, but the second part with laurie I felt...

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  • 20100707
    Everyone always has deep pondering and ethical dilemmas in their blog places. So I thought I would share awesomeness with you. Not that it has anything to do with pondering or such.

    So Dinosaurs are pretty awesome. And I was working out, and nothing good was on the tv. So I happen to stop by BBC America, and find an awesome show. It's awesome. Most shows on network television are about people doing people things. Sometimes though, a network can get out of this, and BBC AMERICA did that. It's a show about freaking Dinosaurs invading the present and running around and occasionally...

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  • 20100627
    The Doors are one of the greatest bands ever. if not the greatest.


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  • 20100608
    We'd lose.

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  • 20100504
    so what's up with this shakespeariment thing? Can I get a ticket at the door? and are there any scottish accents?

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  • 20100427
    So in my current path of studies in Environmental Studies and in other activities, I have met a good bunch of people, but not one is a history major/fan. Which is kinda disappointing, as in the people here and others I know when at East, you could make a comment like, he just got rolled like Poland, 1939. Or some comment along that line of though. And at least a couple people would get and appreciate it. But no one even knows what happened to poland in 1939. It's a shame.

    So I'm not sure if this is a mini-rant against not knowing any history people, or that people don't know their...

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