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    1. I am a senior in college! I AM A SENIOR IN COLLEGE. Granted, not planning to graduate until Dec. 2012, but even so--how does this work? I'm nineteen, I shouldn't be so far ahead.

    2. Alex the Heartbreaker returns again--this time, with a vengance! To put it into a very short story, Seth has magically reappeared from the depths of wherever-he-was before, and I'm not really having any of it. And he's having a difficult time dealing with the fact that I'd like him only as a friend, not as a love interest. It's nice to see that I'm (a) sprouting a backbone and (b) being sensible.

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  • 20110423
    Sometimes, I'll see somebody walking by--male or female, it doesn't actually matter--and I have this weird montage of how this person will be in my future. I'll see us laughing over coffee, or just hanging out around a bonfire, maybe trekking around some large city together, becoming anonymous. A child runs by--mine or theirs? it's hard to say--and it's lovely. Then I realise I'll never see this person again, ever, or that I don't talk to them, or that I've never even met them before, and it's silly to imagine this long future as friends.

    I sometimes wonder if I am the only person who...

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  • 20110417
    I understand nothing.

    My roommate is weird and makes me want to throw shoes at her. She goes on more dates than I do, which I find infuriating because I have trouble finding the good in her. I know it's there, but sometimes I wish I could injure her severely. I don't mean this metaphorically, either. I mean it for realz. Also, nearly EVERYONE I have talked to who knows her, either peripherally or quite personally, defines her as "crazy" in a less-than-good way. So how does she have so many boys chasing after her? Things I do not understand, part I.

    At the same time,...

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  • 20110416
    So I think I posted some huge essay last year about how I loved Lady Gaga and she was so revolutionary, but as it turns out, I sort of dislike her more and more with every new single.

    I don't care if she's revolutionary at this point. There's this weird thing where people take everything she says as the Gospel at this point and it's sort of quite infuriating, I must say.

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  • 20110319


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  • 20110302
    I'm nineteen.


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  • 20110208
    Well, that's the end of my childhood, if it hadn't already ended. The Redwall books were among my favourites as a kid; they got me through many a tough time, including the whole evacuation mess that we had to go through. Whenever I opened a Redwall book, I knew that I was going to fall into it and live among the characters for the next week or so. I could hear the mice, voles, hares, badgers, and stoats all talking in my head, with their distinctive voices and sayings, and I could almost always taste the food from the feasts he gave his characters. I read some of those books a multitude of times,...

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  • 20110105
    Only two things have changed in my life since the new year started:

    1) I am now more Facebook-popular, with my 2011 statuses getting 10, 5, 12, 14, and 9 likes. I've only had about three 10-like statuses within the past year, and now I've had three in the course of four days. What the hell?
    2) Two of my husbands from my official Husband List (read: dream celebrity people I'd love to be best friends with--it extends to women as well) have just announced they are engaged: David Tennant to Georgia Moffett (which is sort of creepy because she was in Doctor Who for one episode and he...

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  • 20101224
    Pros of term: 3 As, 3 A+s, GPA 3.95, praise from my creative writing teacher, not failing my first 500-level course, having a great job.

    Pros of break: having a break from Amanda, getting to hang out with my friends and play Trivial Pursuit, having a wonderful job.

    Cons of term: This was by far the unhappiest term I have had. I cried at least twice a week on average (when compared to my first six months of college, when I cried for the first time on the opening night of the Olympics after the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian luger), not just due to stress, and I...

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  • 20101213
    Is it bad if I sort of want my roommate to fail her organic chemistry final?

    The other night she asked me if, now that Brynn's roommate has gone back to Japan, Brynn will be spending more time in our room. I told her I didn't know because I don't know who her new roommate will be (nor does Brynn), and if we do hang out, it's generally in Brynn's room because it's cleaner. (Although I didn't actually state that last bit--I just told her I didn't know.) My question: why does she care about who I hang out with?

    Tomorrow she will be gone (as will I) and I will have an Amanda-free...

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  • 20101208
    I handed in my fourth paper in the last three days earlier today.
    The only paper I am really happy with is the one I handed in on Monday, about A Room with a View and symbolism. Damn easy.

    Pathetic as this sounds, I want to sob about the fact that my fate is now currently being left up to the Academic Gods. And I'm not even done yet. I still have to revise my creative writing portfolio and take my French History exam. And go Christmas shopping. I need a copy of either (500) Days of Summer or Mean Girls for Brynn. What I don't give to her, I'll probably give to Amanda, because I...

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  • 20101203
    I see Drew Hanna this weekend.

    That is all.

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  • 20101130
    Reasons why this week is good:
    - hit 50K on my novel
    - lots of good music to listen to
    - giving my first-ever reading tomorrow to a crowd that is not my creative writing class; kind of worried!
    Granted I don't know how much time we will have but it's still pretty cool.

    Reasons why this week is not good:
    - need to write a play
    - need...

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  • 20101125
    From Awkward Anti-Theist Guy's Facebook:
    "Thanksgiving dinner was great, love my Mom for cooking it. My Mom wanted me to pretend and bow my head when my grandpa said grace over the food. NOPE! Kept my head up and started eating. You might think it's rude, but expecting me to do something I don't believe in is the real rude part."

    While I can understand that this guy does not believe in God, I find this exceptionally rude. Thanksgiving should not be about petty disputes over God and/or who believes what, but about family. A grace needn't be interpreted as bowing down to...

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  • 20101118
    NaNo so far this year: 33,000~ words. 17k left to go until I win.
    Donated to the Office of Letters and Light? Yep! I gave my very first donation today, so now I have a donor halo on my profile. I also bought a spiffy shirt, so now I will own two NaNoWriMo shirts!

    Things left to do:
    - 3-5 page French Hist. paper (due Tuesday)
    - 7-8 page paper re: Moll Flanders, research (due Tuesday, first draft; why the FUCK did she wait until less than two weeks ago to give us the prompt, and why are all the sources she listed books? WHY CAN'T WE TAKE THE BOOKS OUT OF THE LIBRARY?!)

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  • 20101101
    Mayor of Louisville, Jerry Abramson
    Governor Steve Beshear
    Congressman John Yarmuth
    Senate Candidate Jack Conway
    wait for it... 42nd President of the United States, BILL CLINTON AJKLSDR@JLKADSKJLE@IUOR%@iu) jlflajkjKKHRTKSREGFKLkjlkajldgtsy3uwit

    Thoughts upon my first real Experience with Civic Engagement:
    I can't feel my legs.
    It's damn cold outside.
    This is full of political rhetoric, and you're sort of preaching to the choir. This is Louisville, one of the most liberal parts of Kentucky, and I'm going to vote liberal anyway.

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  • 20101101
    2K in 40 minutes.

    I am God.

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  • 20101028
    Amanda likes Seth. (But we knew that.)
    Seth likes Amanda.

    They're not going out or anything, but they got a bunch of feelings off their chest last night and it's like a 90% possibility that they'll get together at some point soon.

    I don't even have words for any of the emotions I have been feeling as of late. It's just an overwhelming sadness that comes in, every day, like a ghost trying to comfort me. I keep fighting, I do, but at the same time I am so afraid. I am so afraid of everything and everyone.

    But who am I to stand in the way of other people's happiness?...

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  • 20101025
    Okay, so this is going to sound kind of bitchy, but perhaps it's because I'm a self-centred bitch who cares nothing about people around her. Who knows. We'll see.

    So... Amanda likes Seth. Amanda talks about Seth all the time, Seth Seth Seth, blah blah blah. And just in case you were thinking it's a different Seth -- NO. This is the same Seth as in "my ex, who I am still sort of not quite over, no matter what the fuck I say to anybody."

    So it came up in conversation between the two of them that he likes a girl with glasses who lives in Threlkeld. Guess who has glasses...

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  • 20101024

    this is sad how excited I am about this.

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  • 20101019
    So normally I don't make any sort of political statement with my blog, but on Monday, Hardball with Chris Matthews came by to film and did a Q&A with students. I meant to stop by and see the spectacle -- I sort of used to watch MSNBC, but I can't take it anymore, even though I am a liberal.

    Anyway. I know two people in this video: Max, the guy in the pink shirt with the blond hair/beard who asks a question around 1:20 in saying, "When is Rand Paul going to start talking about Kentucky?" (He used to be on Quiz Bowl, but then his fraternity ate his life.) The other is Sirena,...

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  • 20101012
    And I've
    Never been so alive.

    (Nor have I ever been this consistently miserable, I suppose.)

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  • 20101007

    Amanda made me so angry last night that I was shaking, almost. My heart was going so fast it was unreal. I'm not sure I've ever been that angry in my life, but... well, now I have.
    I'm not going to get involved in her affairs. I'm not buying her martyr "oh look what a good person I am, giving up all my desires so other people can be happy" act. This is like what sparked Rushalee Cade, except with one major difference:
    Rushalee, in real life, is not evil. She didn't really do anything wrong. She just had a lot on her plate and...

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  • 20100925
    Just got back from Quiz Bowl tourney where we went undefeated, including intense match vs. Georgetown, and two things catch my immediate attention:

    1. My "car" bearing my name has been torn from my door and stuck on the opposite side of the hall, next to Brynn's name, also torn in half and reapplied to the door. Riko's name is nowhere in sight, Amanda's name is not damaged. Who/what/why? Intent, malicious or accidental? And why would they take Riko's car? (Riko is an exchange student from Japan.) Why would my name be next to Brynn's, with both of our cars ripped down the almost-middle...

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  • 20100920
    No, seriously, I don't know what I just wrote.


    Once upon a time there was a princess named Tommy. Her name was short for Thomasina, because her parents had grown up in the sixties watching really awful Disney movies. They decided that their little girl, when she was born, looked awfully like a small grey kitten, except for the fact that she looked nothing like a kitten at all. Nevertheless, they decided the name Thomasina was a wonderful name for their daughter, so that was the name they bestowed upon her.

    Tommy was not a tomboy. She was not a girly-girl. Rather,...

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  • 20100914
    This is a graphic representation of my spare time these days:

    the end.

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  • 20100827
    Opinions re: classes so far:

    ENGL 202: Intro to Creative Writing
    So far, I love it. I feel like I'm learning more stuff about my writing, paying more attention to the words I'm using, trying to make it as intense as possible, in a way. We haven't done that much yet, but my professor specialises in ~Fiction~ and is NOT A POET (i.e. why I avoided taking the publishing seminar, because the professor just does poetry all the time) so... it will be nice having somebody I don't know on a more intimate level reading my works.

    ENGL 391: Studies in the Novel I
    Sidenote: this...

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  • 20100823
    This is my schedule:

    9:00 Intro to Creative Writing
    10:00 English Novel I
    11:15-1:15 work at library
    2:00 Shakespeare I
    3:30-5:00 work at library

    Quiz bowl on Wednesday nights from 7-10 (although I don't have to go to the first hour, that's all DII)

    9:30 Brit Lit: Shakespeare-Neo-classical period
    11:00 French History 1799-present
    1:00 CHAUCER
    2:30-5:00 work at library

    9:00 Intro to Creative Writing
    10:00 English Novel I

    Of course my schedule will be much screwier than this for the...

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  • 20100817
    nigels'f uneral yesterday#grandmas' tomorrow, oh god this keyboard it is different
    but on the bright side I can make a pound sing ££££££££££££££££££££££ POUDN SIGN YAYYYYYYYYYY

    okay so I've been travelling all day up to scotland with my australian uncle who I haven't seen in years and my cousin alison who is a lit geek just like me
    we have been chatting and getting on like pthe proverbial house on FIRE FIYAHHHHHHHHH


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  • 20100811
    Got to England last Friday morning after receiving a call Thursday morning saying Uncle Nigel really wasn't doing so well. Saw him on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. He died Sunday afternoon (3 PM GMT) surrounded by family and friends. It looked like some demon had stolen his real body from him (the demon in this situation of course being cancer), and he looked nothing like I remembered him. Still, he made the occasional joke. We talked about the Tour de France. He wished me luck with all future pursuits, saying Dad had discussed them with him. He held my hand. I miss him so much already.


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  • 20100804
    My journey was... odd.

    Don't get me wrong, I had so much fun hanging out with you guys. Thank you all for taking the time to come and see me, even if it was just for a little while at Rachel's barbecue. It meant a lot that I could hang out with everybody who mattered to me, and it was nice to think that so many people wanted to see me. (More about this thought in a moment.)

    I loved staying with Rachel, Anji, Jiyoon and my aunt. I totally picked the best people to stay with because we did fun things, and no two stays were different. Whether it was concerts with Rachel, movies...

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  • 20100721

    (Wish you could be there, Drew!)

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  • 20100718
    There is a possibility that I might be going to see Jason Mraz in Murray, KY in late September. Holy holyness holy holyness holy 0492381512350934809oIUjokjl@$qqoij!@#jarjlksfd!~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Maybe I'd even get to meet him or something. He's quite good about taking pix with anybody who wants them.


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  • 20100714
    I've sort of... started writing a new story. I don't want to call it a "novel," because I have no idea how long it will be. Longer than a normal short story, but whether or not it will be a novel is another thing. Perhaps a novella? Anyway, it's going pretty well. That's the end of my story.

    In other news: I am a BAMF when it comes to textbooks and I'll be in Buffalo in like... a week and a day. And this time next Thursday I will be listening to G. Love serenade me with some Special Sauce. With Rachel. Omg yay.

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  • 20100709
    Good reading week for me. Finished Possession, which is probably one of my favourite books of all time now, Enduring Love, which was pretty bizarre and made me like Ian McEwan even more than I ever did, and am on course to finish Never Let Me Go today, which is so moving and heartbreaking. Both McEwan and Ishiguro did creative writing at East Anglia, as did Matt Smith (who is playing the Doctor now). I can only hope that my writing will one day be that beautiful.

    I talked to the scholarship lady the other day and she was really excited to see me. Tentative plans...

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  • 20100706
    The news spreads. Facebook is key.
    "Seth Boden thought that tumors in the brain gave you super powers... and yet, I have no mind reading ability, no telekinesis, nor element manipulation. All I get is constant head pressure, migraines, nausea, dementia, and a possibility of cancer."
    I have been writing terrible poems, in my head, one down on paper. I made him a card in which I dressed him up as a superhero. Gave him a red cape and a LOTRO t-shirt. Marcella is supposed to give it to him today, or tomorrow, or whenever she sees him. I hope she does not forget. (She probably will...

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  • 20100703
    Seth has a tumour in his head.

    I'm not sure I can say anything else coherently. I don't know the severity, I don't know the anything-else-ity. But... he has a tumour. In his head.

    I feel so dizzy.

    Edit. It's benign. Thank god.
    But it's still a brain tumour. Oh my god he has a brain tumour.
    I can't imagine... he means so much to so many people. He's so brilliant. He's so Sethy.

    I haven't been this upset in ages.

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  • 20100626

    On Thursday, I sort of got drunk. Two glasses of wine. It was the most inebriated I've ever been (and yes, I do use the word "inebriated" whilst intoxicated -- the previous time I had had so much alcohol in my system, in England last summer, I referred to my Uncle David as my father's "sister," performed a verbal spoonerism or two, and then proceeded to write a three-page letter which, thankfully, has never been sent). And it was... odd.

    All I remember was that I couldn't walk in a straight line (you'd be surprised how much it can impair you), I giggled...

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  • 20100622
    I might post this on FB at some point during the week, although I fear backlash over my initial comments on Israel. Let me know your thoughts, though, on the subject as well as the essay itself.


    Okay. So this rant was mainly inspired by my mother's Wimbledon ramblings. We were watching the end of the Shahar Peer/Ana Ivanovic match, when the commentator says, "Oh, looks like Peer is going to win it." My mother immediately starts rooting for Ivanovic, who she has pretty much hated for years. When I asked her why, she (basically) said, "I don't agree what Israel...

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  • 20100617
    I suck at blogging so much these days, it's like I forget I even have a Xanga. I FORGET. No, I'm serious. It's never been quite so bad before... I suppose blogging has lost its theraputic charm. Or maybe I just want to stop bitching about my life to the world. (I'll have to erase my history when I'm done; I'm at work, although it's not like my boss is militantly against me being on the internet whilst I scan damaged images.)

    My life? Dizzy, for the time being. A week or so ago, Courtney and I went down to the nitrate vaults at work to pick out an image or two. While looking in one of...

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  • 20100609
    Congratulations, guys. You made it. You now stand upon the threshold of amazing things. High school is over (or just about), but the greatest things are still going to come. If you loved high school, trust me, you will learn that the years spent at East, while important, are NOT "the best years of your life." They will remain in your memory, true, but there are more wonderful adventures out there. It's really just the beginning.

    So I know that everything I just said sounds really clichéd but it's true. East is going to hold a special place in your brain (good/bad, it's going...

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  • 20100603
    Scene: Saturday. Marcella, Jason, Yuko and Sage decide to go swimming at UofL. I don't want to swim, but I insist on being a towel guard and joining in on the fun.

    We get to the pool. There are lanes and small people wearing swim caps and goggles, furiously swimming laps. Some (college-aged) boys run around in towel cloaks, screaming team chants at the top of their lungs. Marcella looks apprehensive. We force Jason to go ask the girl at the desk what's going on; he comes back with a calendar and informs us the pool is currently closed for swim practise, although it will be open at later...

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  • 20100530
    Okay. So my goal is to ultimately apply to grad school at Cambridge, yes?

    Holy holyness. SO EXPENSIVE.

    I keep worrying that I will never be able to get in because I'm not as smart as other people who are entering. I want to get it so badly -- I want to be able to study in England and not in the sort of "just a semester" thing. I don't want to be a "stupid American student" who thinks she knows what she's doing or anything like that. I want to be a person who can do this.

    I still don't know where I live. Nowhere seems to feel like home. Buffalo...

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  • 20100528
    My life gets stranger every day.

    I am the entire Textbook department all at once.

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  • 20100527
    - omg Marcella I love Marcella so much
    - omg Ben and Colton are the best people ever
    - I nearly choked on rice tonight (not fun) because I quoted Miley Cyrus
    - "bible-fearing" isn't a phrase, it's either "bible-thumping" or "God-fearing" (the things I learn...)
    - I had an epiphany last night. Simply put, I have so many amazing people in my life that make me so happy, and I fear I will never be able to make them as happy as they make me happy. I have so much love I want to give but I don't want to be like a creeper all the time. I don't know what...

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  • 20100523
    Yesterday was Marcella's birthday. Today, I got to hang out with her, Yuko, Sage (who gets more adorable by the day, I don't know how Yuko can stand so much cuteness in her life), Jason, Eythan (Jason's roommate), Trina and... Seth.
    And guess who I ended up sitting next to at lunch? Seth.
    And guess who feared it would be just as awkward as all our post-breakup encounters, with him completely ignoring me and being an Awkward McAwkwardface Jerkwad Jerkfaced Son of a Contractor Person Thing? (Okay, so I realise that's not exactly the best insult to throw out there, but I'm bitter.) Actually,...

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  • 20100519
    So I'm nearly done blitzing the first season. Two new additions to the "Husband List": Tina Fey and the awkward guy who plays Kenneth.

    Can I marry Tina Fey? Can we be soul sisters? She's such an excellent writer. No, seriously. Two words: Mean Girls.

    In other news, Coconut Records is the soundtrack to my summer. You are my voice, my microphone. The video for "Microphone" provides further proof as to why Jason Schwartzman should be on the aforementioned Husband List. In one shot, it shows a bookcase; three of the books displayed are Joyce Carol Oates's We...

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  • 20100515
    Prototype of what I'm planning on posting on Facebook at some point. Part one in God knows how many essays about my adventures in Kentucky. Feedback GREATLY APPRECIATED. Which means it would be nice if you read it and then told me whether or not other people would like to read it Smile.

    So. I have been living in Louisville, Kentucky for the past... ten months. It's sort of nine-and-three-weeks, but really, who's counting? If you didn't know this information, then you've probably been living under some sort...

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  • 20100513
    Nobody reads me anymore.
    Not on Xanga. Not on here.
    Well, I suppose some of you read me, but really, where is this going? What am I doing?

    I sit here reading E. M. Forster's Aspects of the Novel and I worry that my diction is too un-elevated, too simplistic. Then I try elevated diction and I feel strange. I feel like, in the words of Holden Caulfield, who I have always hated (whom? I feel like it should be whom; whom I have always hated, then), a "phony." I say I want to be a writer but I don't read nearly enough. I try to write, but all I do is stare there at a piece...

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  • 20100510
    This is basically my reworking of "Borges & I," an essay by (who else?) Jorge Luis Borges. Text of aforementioned essay can be found here. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out overall. Comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    I've got a twin. Her name is Lily and she remains, for the most part, confined to the world of mirrors. That's how we meet, really; she gives me advice on how I look, always reflecting her mood onto me. Very persuasive girl....

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