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  • 20110605
    And it totally kills it.

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  • 20110515
    DISCLAIMER: All of these facts about Drew Hanna are true.

    WARNING: None of these facts about Drew Hanna are false.

    1. Drew Hanna is the BNP's largest financial contributor.

    2. Drew Hanna does NOT own a book on the languages of J.R.R. Tolkien.

    3. The ladies love Drew Hanna.

    4. Drew Hanna knew where Osama bin Laden was the whole time.

    Editor's note: Should we have water-boarded him? Should we do it now to see how it would have gone? I know what science would say.

    Editor's note within a note: Science would say yes.

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  • 20110430
    My semester has been petering out rather than building up to a big bang like my first three did. I feel it's a lot like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which typically built up season-long story arcs for resolution in the final episode, and did so for the first three years, but in season four the resolution came in the 2nd last episode, leaving the final one to be a one-of (but awesome) story.

    As a result, I have time to perform a Cheering Charm on myself 2 or 3 times a day. This is hardly my academic average, which probably hangs slightly below once per day, and it matches my expectations...

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  • 20110428
    In a time where almost everything is available online, there is little reason to own physical media right now (although there is reason to believe it will make a come back). Nevertheless, I began to acquire DVDs of TV shows and a few movies I love before online streaming was so common, and when it comes to a favorite show, I'd feel remiss to stop partway through.

    South Park seasons 1 and 2 I got before made it possible to watch any episode in one click. Since I got those first two seasons, and having loved the show since I started watching the new ones (which probably...

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  • 20110424

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  • 20110409
    Against the Flyers!

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  • 20110403
    The Good: I used the phrase "Have a nice day" to the guy who sold me my box of tissues and mechanical pencils. It felt strange coming out of my mouth, and I realized it's because I almost never say it. There's this whole class of pleasantries we exchange that mean about the same thing (i.e. basically nothing) so we really only need a few. I'm always on the "Thanks, you too" side of that particular exchange, so it felt like a minor social accomplishment to have finally initiated it.

    So, my reward for a good moment: a celebration picture:

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  • 20110330
    Tonight, RIP stands for something different. After years of use, I finally dropped it last night. Shattered instantly. Very sad.

    I'd estimate its lifetime uses at around 600, all with me. First ballot hall of famer, no doubt. I think it was glad to go out on top of its game (having had minor surgery in early March, it was back to mid-summer 2010 condition) although I used to think for some reason that I would always have it.

    The close friends and family were informed last night shortly after the time of its tragic passing, and a private service was held. Its twin (fraternal,...

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  • 20110309

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  • 20110304
    For a moment you think about running, but your legs won’t move. They already know.

    It’s happening. The wave is high above your head and the sand starts to suck towards the sea, and you tell yourself ‘One more time. I’ll hate myself one more time. I’ll let it boil over one more time. I’ll break down just one more time.’

    The wave hits, and you offer no resistance. You accept your situation, being drilled into the ground by the forces of your mind. You feel the shame and humiliation penetrate every pore, and let it. It won’t last much longer. It never does. You couldn’t stop...

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  • 20110223
    Just a quick observation: I missed class on Friday to go to DC, so I and one other student in one of my classes missed the day where we got our tests back. So today me and him went to our professor's office after class and picked them up. I got a 93 and he got a 64, and although it's not like she announced our grades to us, it took only a quick glance for either of us to see the grade the other got.

    It's probably happened a dozen times in my life, at least, that I've gotten a test back and the person next to me did 20 or more points worse, and both of us were able to see the other's...

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  • 20110211
    To be perfectly clear I'm not sure if I'm arguing that 19=7, or 19=6, but in any event, it's odd.

    Exhibit A:
    In first or second grade, we had a discipline system with different color coded cards with our names written on them. We started off with Blue which is cool, then there was Green for a warning, and Yellow for no recess, and Red for seeing the principal's office. Pretty serious shit. They'd say '______ come change your name' and you'd have to turn over one card for the next - quite the humiliating experience, to say the least.

    Or so I surmised. I didn't know first...

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  • 20110130
    It seems that time spent doing things flies by and time spent not doing things moves slowly. I've been sick the last few days, but luckily have had few responsibilities for schoolwork, and have been faced with a lot of time to spend as I wish.

    I think it's because of how fractured my attention usually is that I long to sink into some deep, elaborate, escapist entertainment for a few hours and then resurface. And with a snow day Thursday, my illness keeping me from all but one class Friday, and now the weekend, I've apparently had great opportunity to do this. And I sort of did. I watched...

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  • 20101231
    Ah, 2010. Like 2009, but a little worse. Not much like 2008. Hard to remember much before that. Anyways, I'll split this into a couple different categories.

    1. School life - Dramatic improvement from January to December, I hated my living situation last year. Bad hall, bad suite, bad roommate, and an awful lot of feeling like I should be doing something else. But this Fall, as a sophomore, I felt much more liberated to just be myself instead of trying to do the standard college things. I accepted that liquor, dancing, and loud music just weren't for me - something I had already known,...

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  • 20101221
    Academically, I did well! Or, at least, as well as I did in previous semesters. I got an A in Calc 3, a B+ in Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, an A in macroeconomics, and two As in my two policy lecture classes. That all adds up to a 3.83 GPA for the fall, which is almost the same as my freshman year GPA, except that it's exactly the same as my freshman year GPA.

    I did like most of my classes but none really floored me the way a couple did last year. I didn't take any courses that didn't have a direct application to my major/minor plans (Public Policy major with minors in Mathematics...

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  • 20101206
    Not a physical duel, but an intellectual duel! Why? Well... because fuck me, that's why!

    This little exchange happened over the WikiLeaks scandal, and my pussy-out, cowardly, weak-ass, bullshit, twisting, dishonest remarks on the subject. I daresay I'm glad the challenger avoided personal attacks and stuck to the matter at hand!

    Anyways, for those of you in need of an escape from studying, or who are majoring in Trollology (the study of Trolls), here's a good case study. The thread starter is who challenges me to a duel (on his own forum) and I'm the first to reply in the...

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  • 20101204
    JK Rowling said on Oprah that she could write other Harry Potter books, although she probably wouldn't. Harry's story has been told and is so perfect that it'd be unnecessary to include him as the centerpiece of more books. However, hidden in the cracks of the HP saga are characters I would love to see star in adventures of their own - adventures I've previewed here.

    10. The Diaries of Argus Filch: Working Man
    There are two groups of people that get very brief consideration in the series but are really tragically unlucky groups: squibs and the Muggle siblings of witches/wizards...

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  • 20101202

    Will I get reply or will the Wisest Human just be ignored until silenced by death?

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  • 20101118
    I take Harry Potter seriously. If I had to live on an island forever, and I could take only one movie series or one book series or one television series or one graphic novel series or one band's discography, I'd take the 7 Harry Potter books. I'm also not entirely immune to the act of crying, although it's relatively rare, and extremely rare outside of two areas, one of which is: Harry Potter.

    Those books touch me. I've read them all many times, and different parts hit me each time, so, spoiler notice be damned, I'm gonna plunge right into where I have shed a tear in the series. And...

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  • 20101112
    So, this will interest exactly zero of you, but I feel like blogging something, so I'm going to list my 10 Favorites. 10 Favorite whats? Well... I guess I'll do my ten favorite Rage Against the Machine songs. Why? Because fuck you, that's why!

    10. Bulls on Parade
    9. War Within a Breath
    8. Bombtrack
    7. Down Rodeo
    6. Without a Face
    5. Wake Up
    4. Know Your Enemy
    3. People of the Sun
    2. Maria
    1. Take the Power Back

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  • 20101104
    So I decided to take the position and today had my first column as a paid member of the staff published, as those of you who religiously follow your facebook news feed might already know.

    Despite convincing the opinion editor that 'If it bleeds, we can kill it' is an awesome column title, I was shot down by higher-ups. So instead it is named 'No Goal', and a picture of me sits beside it. Here's the website version in case you do not religiously follow your facebook news feed, and would still like to read it.

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  • 20101013
    First of all, I'm certain I won't row, so columning would be my only option if I wanted to have any sort of chart/table/matrix verbiage in my life.

    And now for the coherent part of the blog:
    Last year with the Breeze I went from 'Guest Columnist' to 'Contributing Columnist', which is what I am now. The title just means I've contributed more, I still don't get paid or have any responsibilities. Above that is 'Staff Writer', which gets $5 per article and has more restrictions on writing (need to get drafts in earlier, discuss topic ideas, etc.) but no quota for writing. Then there's...

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  • 20100906
    Thought I'd take a moment to let you all know how college is going. First of all, you should all know that I had all my classes today because JMU doesn't let a little federal holiday get in the way of our pursuit of higher learning. You lazy people who had a day off after only 1 week of classes, well, I question your motivation.


    Math237 (Calculus 3) seems a lot like Calculus 3 would seem. We've just done polar co-ordinates and integrals with them so far so nothing very extravagant, but our Professor, Filius Flitwick, seems like a nice and very competent teacher,...

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  • 20100822
    Too much tripping and my soul's worn thin, so I'm glad to say that in under a week I'll be back at JMU. I'm really looking forward to it, although I got an email from the Breeze asking for articles and I haven't replied or started thinking about any, so I guess I'm not entirely back into the game.

    Still, though.

    Here's my schedule for the fall, it's not too interesting but it's more interesting than my current schedule.

    Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (all exactly the same! but with very different moods I bet):
    Math237 (Calc 3)


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  • 20100719

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  • 20100715
    This afternoon I will be going to Canada (pronounced "Kan-uh-duh") for the weekend, returning Sunday evening. If you need me during that time period, you should establish better connections and social ties with other people, because I've never been there for you (not even once). With that in mind, I hope you won't be too saddened by my absence and I will shortly see you again.

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  • 20100702
    Sitting on the Bed, thinking.
    Soon to be standing in the garage, thinking.
    Afterwards, almost definitely standing in the shower, thinking.
    Then maybe sitting on the couch, trying not to think.
    Then eating.
    Or maybe I'll have a bite before I get in the shower. I'll have to think about that while I stand in the garage.
    That's good. Sometimes I have trouble thinking of things to think about all the time.
    I'll probably be in the garage longer than it will take to make that decision, but I'll constantly re-evaluate to make sure my intel is up to date. That'll pass...

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  • 20100627
    What's true at college is also quite true outside of college, and that is that boredom causes depression, and almost nothing else does. I mean, sure, a lot of things will make you sad, but that's different than depression - that lingering sense of discontent and a dread of both the now and the later. I gotta remember to keep doing things.

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  • 20100610
    Apparently the 'hip' thing to do is to write a blog post giving advice to the class of 2010, and with any luck about .7% of the graduating class will red this. I had to get in and make this posting while it was still trendy, and before it becomes uncool (when Casey posts one). As an expert on college, having attended one (1) year of undergrad at one (1) university, I feel uniquely qualified to tell you how to live your life.

    So, my gentlest phrases of encouragement and wisest words of wisdom shall follow:

    I'm really not too concerned about you guys going to college. In fact,...

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  • 20100605
    Every movie is missing two things - titties.

    But some movies HAVE titties, in fact, MANY do! But at what point does this, and/or other displays of sexual imagery or sexual acts, become overbearing? How many titties can be in a movie before the movie is just about titties? Is it a question of quantity, like a simple ratio, or is it about how and why it's done? Is there an objective answer, or near-consensus, or is it all subjectively random?

    Japanese film makers need to chill the fuck out.

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  • 20100515
    Not these tones! Rather let us raise our voices in more pleasing and more joyful sounds!

    Refusing to creep tearfully away from this band, I find myself at home in summer. I looked forward to summer so long and now I am here and settled back in. But I lack the great relief I had expected, and instead find something much more nebulous and unsure. No, not to dwell, this is here for a nobler purpose than self pity and indeed I have exhausted myself for seeking some buried meaning in half-forgotten years of random occurrences. There is no catharsis left to attempt, because until one steps...

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  • 20100513
    Today has been a bad day. I hope it gets better.

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  • 20100504
    - Spent more than a week away from my parents for the first time in my life
    - Was scared to death by how stressful and busy 1787 Orientation week was
    - I started being talked to regularly by Drew
    - I dominated the Sim with my Awesome
    - Me and my roommate have passive-aggressive battles

    - I joined Madison Liberty
    - I attend my first real college football game (because UB doesn't count)
    - I see Aziz Ansari perform stand up from the front row and meet him afterwards
    - I see Jimmy Carter, the only time I have ever seen a President...

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  • 20100429’t-mess-with-andrew-jackson’s-face/

    Not super proud of this one, but it's alright haha.

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  • 20100411
    So I foolishly started a topic in the sports section, but I remember now that we don't really use that section.

    Instead, I ask for your round one predictions in this conveniently closer-to-the-top-of-your-browser-than-the-hockey-section version!

    The match-ups are set, and it's...

    (1) Washington Capitals (54-15-13) vs. (8 ) Montreal Canadiens (39-33-10) Season: Even
    (2) New Jersey Devils (48-27-7) vs. (7) Philadelphia Flyers (41-35-6) Season: Philadelphia 5-1
    (3) Buffalo Sabres (45-27-10) vs. (6) Boston Bruins (39-30-13) ...

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  • 20100408
    So I've now become a 'contributing writer' for The Breeze, having had my 3rd OpEd published this morning. I also now have my own page on the Breeze website, which keeps all of my articles in one place.

    So now I can stop bothering you guys every time I get an article published (but I might not stop), and instead just give you the link this one time.

    I'd like to write one more this semester, and if they take me as full time next year I'd...

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  • 20100403
    So I'm just hanging in my dorm room, chilling out, and I make the greatest philosophical revelation in the history of history. WE. ARE. MONKEYS. Like, legit fucking monkeys, we are indistinguishable from chimps and all other sorts of shit. Nobody but humans would imagine we are anything except ugly monkeys, who lacked hair and occasionally killed themselves. Because we're not.

    Now here's the funny part - I am a monkey wearing glasses. Picture it. Glasses. ON A MONKEY! That's unbelievable, I had no god damned idea I was so hilarious looking.

    But now here's the fucked up part:...

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  • 20100326
    You are probably not like me, and thusly this warning will not be applicable to you, but in the case you that might be, I thought I'd share.

    First, Me (as usual). I am not a particularly private person in the way of big things, I love to brag of anything positive and will share the pain of failure with people around me; I'll even talk of my most peculiar perversions casually. And I enjoy these social interactions - but I dread the little things. The constant threat of social responsibilities as mundane as holding doors open or matching (or even initiating, if I am so unlucky) a greeting...

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  • 20100321
    A partial list of things that piss me off.

    - People who say “federal government” when they mean “national government”
    - “Guestimate” and “irregardless”
    - People that make mock NFL drafts for a living.
    - The people in political discussions who correct someone’s usage of the word democracy, and go on to explain that we instead have a republic, like that’s some big fucking revelation. We all know what the Electoral College is, you little shit.
    - Everyone at ESPN that pretends to understand hockey.
    - Eye contact with strangers.
    - The RIAA.
    - People that...

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  • 20100320
    It's WARM!! It's the 4th straight day that JMU has had sunny skies and temperatures at or above 70 degrees, and it's really insane how something as inconsequential as nice weather cheers everything up. Who could be depressed in shorts? Not I!

    Anyways, things at JMU are going quite well lately, although I'm a bit behind on classes stuff but nothing really important.

    AND my Dad got me, for my birthday (which hasn't happened yet) two CDs of classical saxophone music! God, I love it.

    The first is Theodore Kerkezos, my favorite classical saxophonist and the player who...

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  • 20100312
    This is a "boo hoo my life" post. You've been warned.

    I don't mean to complain, but my break felt very short. I was doing things pretty much all the time and didn't really get to relax as much as I would have liked. I certainly didn't get to organize and rejuvenate for another half of a semester's worth of work, which I believe is the point of breaks. But more than that, I am currently filled with worrisome depression as I consider that when I arrive back at JMU on Sunday, I might become depressed and worried. Heller styled paradoxes aside, the day I returned to JMU for second...

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  • 20100227
    So I've hopped on the formspring fad, as of last night. Feel free to ask me questions there, although that is admittedly kind of a dumb idea considering you already have a couple different ways of contacting me. Still, it might be fun? Or at least increase my feelings of self-importance?

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  • 20100225
    Everybody's doing it!! So here I go again, with my plans for courses next semester and a midway assessment of my current classes.

    Current Classes:
    GPsych 101 - Yeah, not a super easy A like you'd expect, but a large lecture hall of 300 students. Luckily my professor is funny and it isn't that hard if you have the patience to memorize things.
    GMUS 200 - History of Western Music, Renaissance to Present. Good times. About 100 students, our professor is really good at helping you see music through its context, rather than it all seeming just antiquated and formal. Great class,...

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  • 20100214
    First of all, if you ever need to check the medal count, it's right where you'd expect it to be:

    Clicking on the medal counts will tell you who won, and which event. Pretty handy stuff.

    Now, some early Olympic thoughts:

    - My god women's hockey needs a mercy rule. Did I really watch Canada beat Slovakia 18-0? Yes, yes I did. Of course, there were better things on so I didn't have to keep a close eye but this was a kill by the end of the first period. Can't we...

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  • 20100210
    I used to feel extremely inspired by real jazz. It swept across my ears as the truest form of emotion. No words, who only serve to muddle the purity of feeling. No rules we could not break, if we chose to. The dates we had in our early years, finding the right mixes of theory, heart, and the fire of live performance were exhilarating. It was free, momentary, pure, and divine. And it was me. My ascension into purpose and understanding.

    In the course of studying this art whose beauty perplexed me, creativity was sacrificed to focus on precision and imitation. The unpredictable, vibrant...

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  • 20100202
    Some of you may have already seen this, but I wrote an OpEd (and credit to Drew for editing with me some) that got published by the school paper, The Breeze. It's also on their website, which I'll link to in case you care to read it:

    I had to put this in the blog because it is an example of my thoughts being organized and relatively well expressed, as opposed to the usual drivel I spew on this site.

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  • 20100126
    I like to argue. But sadly, you just can't wikipedia necessary information or lie blatantly about your knowledge base in real life. The internet has solved this problem, and I do on occasion engage in a quick game of internet bickering. However, this case study was merely a quick jab at two other sparring partners, and not meant to ignite any further arguments. Sadly, the response I received was quite insulting, I must say.

    Here's the context: Two people on a Nine inch Nails forum (liberals mostly, as I'm sure you could guess) were arguing about health care. They were both for massive...

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  • 20100124
    I got tired of seeing that self-loathey, depressed post as first in my blog. It was how I felt at the time, but what a load of shit, right? Fuck that bullshit mentality.

    I've re-adjusted and things are solid.

    So right now I'm trying to be excited about watching a Jets game, while trying to make sure I stay excited for the legitimately interesting Vikings/Saints game later. I'm sad to see the Sabres keep losing out west, but it happens almost every year. Luckily we've built up enough of a lead that we don't have to worry about Ottawa or Boston or Montreal catching up because...

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  • 20100110
    I am back at JMU for Spring semester, and I am sad.

    Not that I don't like being at JMU, I just hate the limbo of travel days and sometimes get depressed when I'm closer to having been home than I am to going home again.

    Right now my suite is empty, which is just as well. We don't talk, except Doug and I, and while that is fun I often feel like I'm his last resort friend. Then again, he's my last resort too. I just fall back to my last resort more frequently than he does.

    My solemnness is not about JMU or my suite, it is the lie of the spring. It says spring semester,...

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  • 20091230
    I guess 2009 was a really good year. I'm hesitant to look back on it too much because my knee jerk reaction is that it was pretty awesome, and analyzation would likely bring up some grimy moments that needn't be revisited. Alas, everyone else is blogging about it, so I will too.

    I'll forego the stuff about which products of culture and art thrilled me this year, and instead just talk about me, because my opinions on things like which movies were the best of 2009 (Coraline, Star Trek, Up, The Hangover, District 9) aren't especially informed or unique.

    So, about me. I finished...

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