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Things That Come in Threes

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  • 20110620

    Hiatus over.

    Edit: I was gone for six months and yet I am still top poster.

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  • 20101206
    I told Matt I'm not rooming with him next year. It went really, really badly, but it is set and done. I hope... since he basically broke down crying in front of me and blamed his entire life on me claiming that he now has to transfer because he can't afford Illinois (despite the fact this is so bs). So it goes?

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  • 20101106
    So now that almost every election has been called save for about a half-dozen House races and Minnesota Governor, I feel like basically giving my thoughts on the outcome. While many pundits gave their predictions of how the election would turn out, I do not feel it is right to give general beliefs on how the American voter will vote until after they have made their choice (although I do profess that I believe I had a reasonably accurate view a month leading up to the election).

    So first point: This election was a referendum on the policies of the current administration and congress....

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  • 20101027
    So I had the strangest and most vivid dream I have ever had and what is really odd are details seem to be returning to me rather than going away. All I can say is wtf, because never have I had such a vivid dream where everyone was recognizable (save a few) and I actually knew what was going on and for the most part most of the dream is describable in human terms. ANYWAYS:

    So in the future I am apparently married (I think) to Holly. Brandon has apparently died or went away or something. Anyways, Holly wants to name her first child, Brandon. I argue that it should be David or some name,...

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  • 20101025

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  • 20101013
    So I decided to do some school work in bed today and came out of my room at 5 to make a sandwich. When I came out my roommate asked me if I had been in there for a while awake. I told him I had and he said: "I wasn't sure, because I looked through the crack between your door and the wall and I didn't see you at your desk and I could only see your feet."


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  • 20100925
    I just spent three hours cleaning my apartment for Matt's mother's arrival. Did Matt ask me to? No. Did Matt say he was going to clean? Yes. Does Matt know I did? No. Did I plan on doing it? No. Did I want to? No. Did it have to be done? No. Will Matt's mom notice one way or another? No. SO WHY THE FUCK DID I DO IT? I'LL TELL YOU WHY THE FUCK I DID IT! I FUCKING DID IT BECAUSE I FUCKING NEEDED TO! I HAVE PRIDE IN WHAT I HAVE EVEN IF IT IS JUST AN APARTMENT I'M ONLY LIVING IN FOR A YEAR! PRIDE IN MY LIVING SPACE! PRIDE IN MY POSSESSIONS! PROUD THAT I HAVE THE DECENY TO KEEP CARE OF THOSE THINGS!...

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  • 20100831
    In chronological order:

    1. American Psycho
    2. Chocolat
    3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    4. Erin Brockovitch
    5. Memento
    6. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    7. Requiem for a Dream
    8. Traffic
    9. A Beautiful Mind
    10. Black Hawk Down
    11. Donnie Darko
    12. Gosford Park
    13. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
    14. Moulin Rouge!
    15. Shrek
    16. About Schmidt
    17. Chicago
    18. Gangs of New York
    19. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    20. The Pianist
    21. Kill Bill
    22. ...

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  • 20100825
    First of all: If your name is Luke Epp, Ryan Dohn, or Casey Gordon, click on this link, read the comments, and comment yourself. Thanks you!

    So here are my general thoughts on my classes so far:

    HIST 274: U.S. Foreign Relations since 1917
    This class seems alright. We started talking about Old Diplomacy leading up to Woodrow Wilson's Moral Diplomacy...

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  • 20100824
    So it is Day 2 of classes. Fourth day since Matt arrived and what do you know, I might have to punch him in the face. I SWEAR HE IS SUCH AN ANNOYING PERSON! EVEN WHEN I CAN LOCK MY DOOR DURING THE DAY HE STILL FINDS WAYS OF INFILTRATING MY PERSON SPACE plus ever since he's been back he's been saying stuff like:
    -When is Alanna coming over?
    -Is Alanna coming over tonight?
    -Alanna is welcome over at anytime
    -So is Alanna still with her boyfriend?
    -How is Alanna?
    -Did Alanna have a good first day of classes?
    -How long has Alanna been with her boyfriend?

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  • 20100824

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  • 20100815
    I have my official course schedule now since I had to drop Greek, well I didn't have to, but I didn't want to be late to my next class by like 10 minutes every day so...

    *All times are Central Standard Time

    History of American Foreign Policy since 1917
    Elementary Latin II
    Introduction to Meteorology

    History of American Foreign Policy since 1917
    Introduction to Comparative Politics
    Elementary Latin II

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  • 20100723
    As some of you may have noticed I have not given details regarding my trip to Buffalo. That is because I am afraid it simply cannot occur. Last week Tuesday my dog, Leo, entered the emergency vet hospital with a case of bloat. Bloat is the expansion of gases in the stomach that enlarge and twist the stomach putting pressure on the surrounding organs and cutting off circulation. Leo was successfully de-bloated and we decided that we would seek a non-invasive surgery (no cutting him open) to tack the stomach to the abdominal cavity and prevent future bloat incidents. The surgery was to take place...

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  • 20100708
    I am intending to visit Buffalo late this month/early next month and so I write this note A. To tell you this so plans can be made, and B. So that I may ask if anyone graciously may host my presence in their respective homes. Currently I am looking to stay in Buffalo for a period of 5 to 8 days from the range of July the 23rd (a Friday) to August the 8th (a Sunday). Really the length of the trip depends on how many people are around and what exactly there is to do. I am sure whatever dates are finally chosen will be an epic time and I look forward to seeing many of you soon.

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  • 20100705
    So my parents have just approved my brother's second out-of-state trip this month, still consistently ignoring my request to travel to Buffalo. I will keep you updated as to whether or not I will be visiting and when. If I am not granted travel to Buffalo I will (somehow, likely when I have my own car. I didn't get one, because my brother needs one to drive downtown to campus daily) visit personally Louisville, Ann Arbor, Harrisonburg, Washington, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo (respectively) during their school sessions. GAH!

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  • 20100626
    I think what really progressed me from social outcast with little to no friends to someone with friends was the creation of an imaginary world taking place in this very galaxy with wizards, aliens, and of course, rebels. Some of you probably remember this world, well... I lost all the records of it and I have to say that might be the most tragic moment of my life ever. It feels as if a part of me is lost forever, but in some ways perhaps that is good. What do you think?

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  • 20100618
    Toy Story is the most perfectly made trilogy in cinematic history.

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  • 20100610
    1.) No matter how much advice I give, you will have to find all this out for yourself, because that is just how it works.
    2.) College is actually not scary and you are more prepared than you think.
    3.) You will NOT have a 4.0 GPA unless your major is Floral Design, etc. Oh and never think a grade is that important to your life (this I recall my 3rd grade teacher saying).
    4.) Make sure you think before you do something, but don't be afraid to not try something out.
    5.) MEET YOUR PROFESSORS. If they know who you are and they know you work hard they are nice to you in return if...

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  • 20100601
    So our one and only candidate for State Legislature apparently heard of Drew Hanna (Pewaukee is a small town) and I was invited to come to Moe's to meet him. I end up getting a job offer from the Republican Party of Waukesha County that was too good not to turn down as a Facebook page operator and researcher on the History of the Republican Party in Wisconsin (is mentioning Joe McCarthy a bad thing?). So somehow I'm now mainly working for Paul Farrow, candidate for the 98th District of Wisconsin, his predecessor and State Senate Candidate Ron Zipperrer, Congressman Jim Sensenbrennar (he wrote the...

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  • 20100507
    This is the drug the campus neurologist prescribed for me and mainly the COMMON side effects are scaring me shitless:

    Interference with cognitive and motor performance
    Irritability and aggression
    Psychomotor agitation
    Lack of motivation
    Loss of libido
    Impaired motor function
    Impaired coordination
    Impaired balance
    Cognitive impairments
    Short-term memory loss
    Anterograde amnesia (common with higher doses)
    Some users report hangover-like symptoms of being...

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  • 20100504
    I know I did a Year in Review Note in December, but I think I'm going to write one just about how odd my first year of college which ends in one week was...

    -My first (and presently only) visit to a frat house. I could simply not do a fraternity
    -I faked being drunk in order to avoid people giving me alcohol
    -I became addicted to Sporcle
    -I started talking on a regular basis to Holly, Wachob, and Alex
    -I found out my roommate was a slob
    -I began the History Club of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    -I found out my Anthropology professor...

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  • 20100425
    Sophomore Year is SO close and for many of you Freshman year is just around the corner wherever that may be. So here are the courses I am taking:

    1. HIST 200 G- Audiohistory
    At the University of Illinois, History majors are required to take an Introduction to Historical Interpretation Class. They vary in topic and I am taking one on the history of history through recorded sound. COOLIO!

    2. HIST 274- US and World since 1917
    This course is about US foreign policy since the First World War. Good for someone who wants to minor in Political Science (NEW MINOR! NEW MINOR!...

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  • 20100423
    The following was in plain sight of me where I had fallen and all was on my roommate's side of the room:
    -2 bottles of vitamins
    -2 boxes of cough drops
    -Cough drop rappers all over the floor
    -Cough drops in rappers all over the floor
    -A decongestant often used by hardcore druggies to get a high
    -A massive jug of protein powder
    -2 nasal sprays
    -A sinus rinse
    -Extra Strength Tylenol
    -5 canisters of prescription drugs (some on the floor right next to where I was found)
    -Chewing Tobacco
    -Open Expo Markers
    -An antigas antacid
    -6 Five...

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  • 20100420
    I had a seizure Monday night and I am in the hospital. I am okay.

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  • 20100412
    So yes, after 12 days I already have 101 pages of my screenplay "Eulogy for the Living" and I am VERY, VERY, proud of it. Look forward to previews and tell me if you want a copy!

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  • 20100412


    1. Stevens was from Chicago, Wood is from Chicago. The other two choices are not from the Midwest and America pretty much does not want an East Coast court (Anthony Kennedy is West Coast)
    2. Wood is a Protestant. I know that most people don't care in the end and that it doesn't really matter, but in politics it does. Stevens is the only Protestant on the court right now and well Elena Kagan and Merrick Garland are both Jewish and several other mentioned names like Jennifer Granholm and Janet Napolitano are Catholic (that would make a Court of 7 Catholics)

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  • 20100409
    So I want to begin a discussion that is as civil and polite as possible on a subject matter that is highly sensitive. Let me start by saying that I am pretty much, 99.9% sure that my suitemate (and roommate next year), Matt, is gay (for those that have met him via his intrusions into my skype chats you are probably saying "duh" right now). I have suspected this for a while, but really didn't want to bring it up because it isn't something that is often talked about in normal conversations. The reason that I bring it up is because as the end of the year approaches I, someone who does not...

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  • 20100401
    Script Frenzy 2010! 100 Pages in 30 Days!

    On the heels of "Rushalee Cade" I begin work this month on "Eulogy for the Living" a story I have been working on for over two years, tried to make into a novel, and have finally decided to sit down and finish it like it was originally supposed to be: a screenplay. Can I do it? We shall see. Also cheer on Alex who is herself working on a play. Sorry I haven't written a blog lately, but I was in San Francisco last week. I'll try to talk about my trip in my next blog (if i'm not crazily immersed in "Eulogy").

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  • 20100301

    Feel free to ask me anything, anything...

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  • 20100224
    So... like Alex, I too am thinking about courses for next semester and I thought I would update on current courses.

    Current Course:
    PSYC 100- This course is made way too easy for its own good. In fact, it is the most taken course on campus. Midterm on Monday! Side thought: Perhaps the reason they make it easy is because of the side requirement of participation in studies...
    HIST 256- British History! Already on the outskirts of Victorian England! Midterm Essay due on Friday (Abolition Act of 1809) it is a mass suckagefest
    LAT 101- I LOVE LATIN.
    PS 101- American Government...

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  • 20100211
    The mysterious wet spot on the carpet returned again. How coincidental that once again it came back after being awoken to what sounded like someone going to the bathroom with the door open.

    Conclusion: Use the toilet

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  • 20100208
    In case you didn't already know, I list things. Deal. And no I will not complete the tale of misfortune with Alex, because it is just way too sad. Fine I'll sum it up: Ashley and Alex fall in love, Alex proposes to her, they break up, Alex invites her while drunk, ignores her when she comes, very sad. THE END.

    So Poems...

    I really want to have a favorite poem and I have it narrowed down to TWO poems.

    CHOICE A. My Last Duchess by Robert Browning
    CHOICE B. The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats

    In addition, Luke (Epp), how does one post music on...

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  • 20100202
    I will continue the tale of my warped version of Wuthering Heights later tonight, but right now I wish to reflect back on my years in choir and state which pieces were my favorite and best to perform. I have incorporated into my rankings how good it sounded as a HUGE factor and probably much more than how much I actually liked the piece. In addition I have only included pieces done in high school (of note).

    10. Salvation is Created- WEHS Chorale, 2008

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  • 20100201

    My roommate's love life is seriously like Wuthering Heights mixed with A Christmas Carol, Beauty and the Beast, and Pride and Prejudice. Except I pick Wuthering Heights because it has a less than happy ending.

    I'm going to do this in parts because it is so rather stunning of a story and so powerful in places, and so utterly depressing in others.

    DECEMBER 2008:
    My roommate's car gets stuck in the snow, he is drunk. After a battle...

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  • 20100128
    So, because I do care about how the Senate is voting, I decided to join Twitter (Hanna_WI) in order to track our legislature. Creepiness, I must say is when you get a notification that Orrin Hatch, the Senior US Senator from Utah is following you...

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  • 20100128
    I knew it was going to happen. Everyone said it was in the speech, but I hoped so much that it would get the axe. Obama, in a speech that I thought was how a state of the union should be with nice and interesting plans I hope, to varying degrees, work out (minus the fact that it was so obvious he switched speechwriters midway through its writing), but then he blew it. He crossed a line. He told the Supreme Court of the United States that they made a horrible decision. Mind you, that part of the speech, opinion wise, I basically agree with him on, but when he said it and Congress clapped enthusiastically,...

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  • 20100126
    This is the final part of my trilogy, and is more an afterthought to complete the message I presented in Part 1 and then demonstrated via a stream of thought in Part 2. In this blog I will try to reflect on the future.

    Did you think that your feet had been bound? By what gravity bring to the ground?

    The Academy Awards always seems to have one category that I disagree with completely. Always it seems to be Best Original Song or Best Supporting Actor (yet never the same for Actress).

    Secrets? Do you keep them? I keep loads of them, mostly of myself. It is said you...

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  • 20100125
    Hopefully this note will be less rambling and more to the point, but seriously, I'm just venting, so please read. Oh, and read part 1 first. The first thing to note is that all that is here is here and not because someone wanted it. It is here because things are happening that seem so indifferent to those who's motives are to shape one thing and not the other. Please note. Please note. At least the world shall change, but nothing will get smaller, only larger. Do you know what I mean? Sadness flowing, never ending. Behold sleep, killer of dreams. Thou has killed the night with the fear of darkness....

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  • 20100125
    So said the White Queen and yet the line of gibberish has so much meaning and to me serves as one of the most powerful lines in all of literature to define exactly what I am feeling. I feel utterly and totally depressed for no other reason than a part of me died today, although I suspect (know) that it was dying for a long time, I just ignored it. Picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. The randomness of life simply flows and I wonder, all but a little, if I am part of it. I used to think that perhaps I was the only actually living human being on the planet,...

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  • 20091230
    1. The Temptation of Eve, crazy film making
    2. Sad
    3. Academic Decathlon Regionals. Onwards to State!
    4. Wuthering Heights in AP Lit
    5. Obama inaugurated President
    6. Matt Rubin visits
    7. Sad again
    8. The Temptation of Eve sweeps awards

    9. 18th Birthday!
    10. Mass Acadec Studying for State. All hail the 2 hour lecture on Mexican History

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  • 20091129
    TIME Person of the Year is coming up and I have a list of ten people who I believe they will pick. Remember, this is for the BIGGEST newsmaker:

    1. President Barack Obama (because he has made a LOT of news on practically everything) HIGH CHANCE
    2. General Stanley McCrystal (Afghanistan) LOW CHANCE
    3. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (Military Policy) MEDIUM CHANCE
    4. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner (Economic Crisis) MEDIUM CHANCE
    5. Former Senator Ted Kennedy (Healthcare) HIGH CHANCE
    6. Uninsured America (Healthcare) MEDIUM CHANCE
    7. Captain Sully...

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  • 20091118
    For being a freshman who picks last, I got into pretty much every class I wanted and the class that I wasn't too sure about, I found a better course to replace it!

    9- Introduction to Psychology
    10- History of Britain since 1688
    11- Latin 101

    8- Oral and Written Communication II
    10- American Government
    11- Latin 101

    9- Introduction to Psychology
    10- History of Britain since 1688

    8- Oral and Written Communication II
    10- American Government
    11- Latin 101

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  • 20091107
    Things my suitemate Pete said that pissed me off for his ignorance:

    1. "The Mayans had such a nice civilization until Cortes came"
    2. "D'Artangne is an important hero because he took down control of cardinals over the French monarchy"
    3. "The Chinese guy who stepped in front of the tanks was pretty badass. He stopped a whole army"


    *Brain explodes*

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  • 20091025
    Primary Party People by Order of Death:
    -Nick Pjevach
    -Mike Pfeiffer
    -Drew Hanna
    -Allison Craig
    -Caroline Wickler
    -Alec Hanna
    -Holly Sheldon
    -Matt Rubin (Survives)

    Supporting Cast:
    -Charlotte Larkin (Fifi Doughnut)
    -Alissa Geipel (Late Party Guest/Zombie)
    -Mack Folkert (Apocalyptic Literature Salesman)
    -Monica He (Girl who gets shot in the face)

    -Jake Harmsen

    Still in Casting Process:
    -Two Lovers
    -More Zombies
    -Three Panicking People

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  • 20091024
    As some of you may recall, in past forums, I have twice tried to leave the forum. Much debate followed both these attempts, but never once did anyone suggest the right answer as to why I was leaving. And here it is: I tried to cut myself off from Buffalo. Please do not interpret this as I no longer wanted to be your friend, but to state, I basically wanted to enter a new world, and I didn't want to be restrained by the old. Tonight, I am still up with the thought of whether or not I should once again cut myself off from the past entirely. Should I throw away the forum, Acadec, D.C. Pictures, all...

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  • 20091019
    Midterm grades came in! All A- or higher, except Stats, because she seems to have given me a zero for swine flu work, which shouldn't be a zero, but oh well. That can be raised.

    So I wanted to give a preview to my new novel: Eulogy for the Living.

    I apologize for the formatting changes that may hinder readability upon transfer to the forum:

    Jerry walked into the smoke filled room, his mind racing with excitement. He had arrived, invited for the first time, to one of Rick Thompson’s parties. Behold the many passions; Rick Thompson, the Rick Thompson, quarterback...

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  • 20091018
    CHAPTER 9: In which Drew's roommate very possibly gets alcohol poisoned

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  • 20091016
    I like them all, but these are the ones I like most:

(Hibbard, C.)
    Topic: Religion, Print, Conflict in Early Modern Europe
    “Holy War” has raged within Europe since the 9th century AD, and Europeans have waged such wars on their frontiers and beyond. It has pitted Christians against non-Christians, and sometimes against each other. Our subject will be the phase in this long history that extended from the Reconquista in Spain to the general European peace of 1648. We will be looking at real and metaphorical warfare, considering how the...

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  • 20091013
    Study in college. You can be a salutatorian of your class (like my roommate) and give no effort in high school and come to college not doing so well on certain things, complaining about courses and teachers being hard, etc. Or you can STUDY, care about your work, and yes, get A's whereas the guy who doesn't study does not and prefers to watch endless TV. No one is brilliant enough to face college without a single challenge. BE PREPARED, DO WORK, and STUDY.

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  • 20091012
    So in case you don't know, I'm Drew! And this is my blog, Things That Come in Threes. I thought I might start off by discussing what DC Pictures is doing this year:

    December/January: Following a really funny Facebook quiz, Holly Sheldon and I decided to make a zombie film (who the heck doesn't want to make one). Basically it will follow what happens when a party goes wrong during a zombie outbreak. Release date is January 16th, so look for it! Trailer is on my YouTube site. Starring Holly Sheldon, Allison Craig, Alec Hanna, Drew Hanna, Mike Pfeiffer, Nick Pjevach, Matt Rubin, Caroline...

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